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Save the Date for Station 54's 75th Anniversary
Saturday, September 8, 2018

                  Parade Information

Parade  flyer, registration for the parade, rules, and a inspection sheet are posted in the 75th Anniversary tab, that you can download for your company

                     OPEN HOUSE

We will be holding an open house after the parade on September 8.  Plans are still being developed, but we are planning to have inflatables for the kids and fun for all.  More information to be posted shortly, so please check back often!


                                   – SEE MICHELLE YOCUM TO HELP!

If you have historical items from the Little Creek Fire Company (pictures, old uniforms,
fire memorabilia) you are willing to share please let us know. Pictures can be scanned and
returned. Other items can be displayed with credit given to the person donating the item.
Please send an e-mail to our website history site with details and a committee member will
contact you.


We are planning to do video interviews with our previous leaders. We also plan to honor
them at the parade. If you have contact information for a Past President of the fire
company or ladies auxiliary or a Past Chief or life member of the fire company, please
send an e-mail to our website history site with details.

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