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CRAB FEAST 2017 & More
Saturday, October 7, 2017

Thanks to Belvedere Fire Co Station 30 for providing coverage for the Little Creek District while Little Creek Members participated in numerous activities today. A ladder Crew participated in a flag display  and Special Olympics Truck Convoy, An EMS crew with Gator 54 stood by at the Fordham Brewery for their Cheestober Event, Some members attended classes and basic firefighting training at DSFS.  Hazmat 54-1 & Decon-3 where also at DSFS as part of the basic hazmat class.  A crew on 54-5 along with 43-2 and Tower 41 stood by in Dover/Sta 46, so they could pay their respects to a fallen Firefighter Al Farling.  And the large event, members from Little Creek also were busy hosting their public Crab Feast fund raiser.   

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