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FIRE PREVENTION WEEK in the books for 2017
Thursday, October 26, 2017

We hope to enlighten the school age children, to stay fire safe, have an escape plan, know how to dial 911 ands show off the fire trucks.  

Fire Prevention Update - The members/crew of 54-2 visited numerous schools and day care facilities in the Dover area, in a combined effort with Dover Fire to spread the word about Fire Safety and this months theme "Every second count & know two ways out"  

This year again under the leadership of Asst Chief Arrington, the members/crew used Engine 54-2 spread the message about what to do if there was smoke in their residence, how to check their bedrooms doors for heat, how to get responders attention if their bedroom is on the second or upper floor of their residence.  How to call 911 for any emergency,  They were reminded to have two ways out of their residence and to have a meeting place.  Something new Asst Chief Arrington brought up, with the evolving technology, the importance of caution when charging electronic devices, to preclude them from overheating and catching on there surrounding on fire and possibily getting burnt.  The crew also provided immediate response with the engine during the visits.

This year we contacted over 2700 children durning the 18 days of visits, averaging a four person crew for the engine each day for the visits.

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