1 year of Duty Crew
Saturday, March 27, 2021

One year ago today as the state and country started to grapple with the Covid19 pandemic, company members got together and devised a way to have 24 hour coverage for the fire district, that would lessen the need to alert all of the active members for "single engine" or medical assist response in the district.  That means that the siren was not blown and only the members at the station were alerted.  


This took a little rearranging for the station, new standard operating procedures drafted, new tones and alerting system developed for only alerting the duty crew.  The two offices just inside the rec room were converted into four bunk areas. along the old ems storage closet was changed to a bunk area.  Since no event could be held in the social hall, if more staffing was needed due to a storm, members could bunk socially distance in the hall. 


With the pandemic ramping up in late March early April, and making sure that we did not carelessly cause members to be placed in a situation where they could contract the virus. The joint Tuesday night training with Leipsic was curtailed, along with sending members to the State Fire School, for basic, structural, vehicle rescue, hazmat and EMT courses came to a halt until last month.  


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