Little River Boat Ramp Dedication
Tuesday, April 23, 2019


The Little Creek Fire Company thanks our community and State partners who made this possible. This facility allows us to have safer and reliable access to our Fire/Rescue boat.

This new faility has a single lane boat ramp, an 80 foot fishing and crabbing pier and a courtesy dock for boats and kayaks, with a 21 parking spots as well as a separate dock tor 54 Marine-1 and DNRC Fish & Wildlife Enforcement.

Funding for this 1.9 million dollar project came from a federal Sports Fish Restoration grant admininsrted by the US Fish & Wildlife Serviced and Sports Fish Restoration Progtam, revenues from state boat registration fees, Delaware Bayshore Initiative Funds and $200,000 in state Bond Bill funds, the latter was secured by Rep Carson.

It was also announced that the property where the Old Little Creek Deli, sit has been purchased and the new owners are excited, that this new facility will bring many visitors to the area

There has been a lot of comments and questions concerning the accessibility of the River to the Bay. In the past month Little Creek Fire Company members have spent extensive amount of time on the River. Here are the facts. The river at mean low tide ranges from 4 to 8 feet for a majority of the River. The last 150 feet it can range from 1 to 3 feet. We continue to work the same channel in this area with our boat and that is improving by the week. It is a fact the more boat traffic we have the better that gets. The mouth of the river is silt and easily displaced as we go in and out. This process is similar to what we would experience each year in the Mahon River. The challenge to navigating the River and Mouth is knowing were the deep water is. The Fire Company is working with our Federal and State partners on better marking those areas so traffic uses the same path and continues to churn and move the silt. Interesting fact that this is a process that has been used for decades to keep the River mouth open.

It is our hope that this project can help spur a redevelopment of other areas along the Bayshore Byway that will allow another generation to enjoy the Delaware Bay.

Official presiding, Lt Govonor Bethany Hall Long, Senator William Carson Jr, Secretary from DNRC Shawn Garvin, Mayor Glenn Guavry, and from  the fire compnay Chief Bundek and President Fraizer 


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