Station 54 response to a hunting accident
Friday, October 16, 2020

Station 54’s duty crew was alerted for a dangerous fall at the Ted Harvey Wildlife Area off Kitts Hummock Rd in the most southern part of the fire district.  According to the initial dispatch, a hunter fell from a deer stand approximately 15 feet and landed on his neck.  Chief Bundek also responded and requested that 54-0 respond, due to possible inaccessibility by normal sized fire and EMS apparatus.  Upon arrival Command contacted a reporting person and was led to the injured hunter.  Command had Squad 54-5, medics and bls stage at the (courthouse) which was approximately a mile from Kitts Hummock Rd entrance of the Ted Harvey Wildlife Area.  The injured hunter was still another ½ mile in the wooded area to the west of the courthouse, through a field.  Due to the recent steady rain earlier that day, light height apparatus was able to transverse the field to the wooded area.  Command also requested EMS gator 54 to respond when it was determined that access for even small vehicles like command or EMS63 would not be able to access where the victim was located.  It was determined that the victim’s injuries required Trooper 4 to be utilized.  Trooper 4 landed and shut down briefly as EMS gator 54 made access to the victim.  At one put crews needed to cut down trees with the chain saws from 54-0.  Once the victim was packaged, he was transported by EMS gator to Trooper 4, who then transported him to Christiana ER.  Crews were out for almost two hours.  

Responding apparatus: Squad 54-5, 54-0, 54-9, EMS gator 54, EMS63, B63, KM7, KM9, Trooper 4 and DNREC Natural Resources Police (Fish & Wildlife.

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