Squad 54 and Tanker 54 assist at two separate fires
Sunday, November 22, 2020

After a quiet morning, at 1427 Squad 54 was dispatched initially to cover Station 45/Clayton who along with other nearby companies where in the first few minutes of a well involved house fire.  Shortly after going enroute the Squad was re-routed to the fire scene to assist with suppression efforts. 

While Squad 54 was in Clayton, other members came to the station to act as the Duty Crew to maintain coverage for the district.  During that time around 1600 Magnolia and surrounding companies were alerted for another structure fire.  Kentcenter was notified of the availablity of a staffed engine in this case the tanker.  A Crew of five responded in Tanker 54 to assist magnolia with a involved garage fire in a non-hydranted development.

Squad 54 returned and was back in service at 1644 and the Tanker at 1725.


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