Grain Rescue Training
Sunday, June 6, 2021

Today a few members of Leipsic and Little Creek fire companies, traveled to Odessa Station 4 to attend grain rescue training.  The training was sponsored by Nationwide Insurance, the Delaware Farm Bureau, and conducted by the National Education Center for Agriculture Safety. (NECAS) who provided their grain rescue simulator and excellent instruction. 


Leipsic and Little Creek names were submitted in 2020 to the Delaware Farm Bureau for a chance to receive the grain rescue chute system and were selected from the 2020 submissions. 


 Little Creek and Leipsic join other companies in Delaware with the resources to safely attempt to rescue a person entrapped by grain, in a silo, bin or trailer. 


The chute is made of normally six curved panels of aluminum, that is pressed into the grain, around the victim to stop the grain from moving, while rescuer remove the grain around them to a level that the victim can hopefully climb out under there own power.  All the attendees where show how to place the chute panels around the victim, interlocking each panel to the last as they encompassed the victim.


Attendees, had at chance to rescue a victim using the chute, by successfully placing it around the victim to stop the grain from putting anymore pressure on the victim.  As the victim scooped out the grain, or the rescuers used the auger that comes with the chute system, the victim was them able to lift themselves out of the grain. 


Both fire companies add this training and the grain chute system to our toolbox, that we hope we never have to open.  Be knowing now that we have the knowledge and tool to hopefully rescue one of our neighbor famers, and without endangering one of our responders.


Thanks again to Nationwide Insurance, Delaware Farm Bureau for selecting our companies for this rescue tool, and to NECAS for great training.  Hope we never have to use it, but we are better prepared than yesterday.

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