54 Marine 2

2017 18' Jon Boat

Tanker 54

2019 Pierce Enforcer Pumper Tanker.


2013 Dodge Ram 3500 pickup truck

54 Marine 1

27' Brunswick Challenger Fire/Rescue Boat


Duty officer response and utility unit.

Squad 54 (54-5)

Pierce Impel Custom Pumper

Gator 54

2004 John deere 4X6 Gator

54-1 & Decon 3

2001 Chevy/Hackney (tow vehicle) & Modec Decon trailer for the Kent County Decon Response Team.

Ladder 54

2003 Pierce 100ft ladder

Brush 54-0

Ford F550 Super Duty Custom Brush Unit. Shown with the Wildland Reponse trailer

Engine 54-2

1998 KME Custom Pumper

Engine 54-4

1991 Pierce Lance pumper

54 Marine 3

22' Boston Whaler Center Console

Retired Ladder 54

In December 1955, the Company purchased a Ladder Truck from Leipsic Fire Company for $1. It was later sold to Bowers Beach Fire Co.

Retired Weasel

In January 1966, the Company built the tractor for the Weasel. Used to access the marsh area for fires and injured hunters.

Retired Rescue Truck

In September, the new Rescue Truck, a Ford Econoline Van, equipped with a ladder and an exhaust fan, was purchased.

Retired Truck 5

In April, the truck committee met and purchased a 1500 gallon tank truck, to be known as Truck 5

Retired Rescue and salvage truck

In July 1955, the company was looking to buy a rescue truck from funds collected by the members. In January 1956, the Rescue Truck and Salvage Truck were placed in service

Retired Engine 3

In January 1948, discussion was centered on the pros and cons of a Dodge versus an International truck. The members in attendance voted for a KB7 International chassis with 5 speed transmission. On February 4, the price of the chassis for the truck was $2639.91. In May, the new truck was placed in service and was known as Engine 3.

Retired Truck 2

It was brought up that Camden-Wyoming was selling a truck that was State and County approved. On September 9, the company decided to buy the truck from Camden for $2000. In February of 1946, the company made a $400 donation to the Camden-Wyoming Fire Company.

Retired Truck 1

On March 29th, a Chevy chassis was bought for $600. Over the next few months, the fire truck was built, the pump was overhauled and hose and buckets. were purchased. The truck was ready for service on May 5,

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