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Homeowners do not require written approval to burn. However, they must notify their county fire board before burning cut or fallen branches, limbs, or shrubbery from their residence, unless the fire is recreational. (See A Citizens’ Guide to Residential Open Burning).



County Fire Boards


New Castle County


Kent County


Sussex County


Written approval and/or notification may be required before beginning the burning activity.


Fire companies must obtain written approval prior to initiating any fire training exercises that may damage a structure via firefighting instruction. Before such training, the property owner of the structure must have it inspected for asbestos by a certified asbestos inspector, followed by notification to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Region 3-Philadelphia office. The notification must include the results of the initial inspection, and must be received at least 10 working days prior to any activity which may damage the structure, including the removal of any asbestos-containing material. After the 10-day period has expired, any asbestos must be removed by a certified asbestos abatement contractor, and the structure must be re-inspected by a certified asbestos inspector in order to confirm that all asbestos-containing materials have indeed been removed.

Land owners and forest management officials must obtain written approval prior to initiating a prescribed burn event, and notify their county fire board.

Farmers must obtain written approval before initiating an agricultural burn, and notify their county fire board.

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