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The Little Creek Volunteer Fire Company, A one of a kind all hazards response agency offers many different ways to be a volunteer. In the past if you joined a Fire Company you were pulled from home when the Pagers/Siren were activated and go to the Fire House and often unflexible training schedules etc. Members sometimes were faced with choices on doing things with family or friends, work or the Fire Company. In our model of operation we are manned 24/7 and you can join and schedule your time to be at the Station. Allowing you the flexibility to do other important things. You will still be required to do all required trainng to ride on appratuss. As int he past we still offer the traditional respond from home model also, Which allows you to not dedicate sit in the station time but come as you can. Finally we offer support membership to help support the organization. Please email now to apply. 


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